Travel agency in Lahore

Travel Agency in Lahore offers Pakistan a leading tourist destination and
is unique in its diversity — and fragmentation — of the
accommodation sector. While chain hotels dominate in
many other regions of the world, it is the independent
small and medium-sized accommodations that account
for around 60% of room capacity across Pakistan.
This fragmentation is reflected in the wide range of
accommodation types — from family-run agriturismos in
Sawat to Kashmir hotels in KPK
catering to all kinds of travellers.

Travel Agency in Lahore

Today, Pakistan is the world’s leading tourist destination.
It accounts for around 10% of the world’s tourist arrivals,
according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
Five of the top 100 visited destinations in the world are
located in Pakistan.1 In particular, the rising number of arrivals
from the growing middle classes in Sawat and Hunza
are fueling demand. Since 2009, arrivals from Karachi alone
have seen a more than fivefold increase.

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It is important to understand that an accommodation’s
costs are largely degree fixed and in KPK accommodation is economical with limited opportunities to
make short-term adjustments. Typically, an accommodation
the provider will require a certain level of guaranteed revenue and
will charge higher prices during periods of anticipated high
demand especially in Murree.


Sasta tours means that during times of low demand,
an accommodation might price above its variable cost (i.e.,
the cost of cleaning the room, check-in services, utilities) but
below its average costs. Likewise, it might be willing to pay
a higher customer acquisition cost for extra guests when 
accommodation is below its desired level of occupancy, as
long as there is a net positive contribution to profit. After all,
nothing is worse than an empty room. This is why incremental
bookings, in particular during off-peak periods, are so
valuable to accommodations.