Our Story

In this tourism agency, we have initiated numerous new adventures. We believe, therefore, that growing, learning, and adjusting to time is essential for every person and organization. And this is why we never hesitate to make adventurous ideas and journeys. Likewise, we look forward to improving our customers and giving them better. We also welcome all new travelers’ ideas, as we value and encourage adventure.

Our mission

We strongly discourage and boycott travel while harming the environment. The informative journey is the key to all the programs, which we offer and guide most of our strategic planning. By booking one of our adventures, you really support the preservation of the local economy, natural resources, and wildlife. As visitors, we are responsible for minimizing our existence, for protecting the sensitive and wherever we can, and also for eliminating or reducing our negative effects on our nature. We are ready to compromise on our environmental profitability

"After months (sometimes years!) of local research, each tour is handcrafted by our team. In particular, each activity, transport, accommodation and meal option are carefully selected in order to ensure consistent quality during each tour."

Sasta tours Founder